Despite the market moving more and more towards digital releases, we understand that gamers will always have a desire to own physical copies of their favorite video games. A Sony representative even recently revealed in an interview that many indie developers have been profiting more from limited physical releases than from their digital sales!

Are you an indie developer or a small development studio with one or more Switch and/or PS4 titles that are upcoming or currently available exclusively as a digital download? We'd love to hear from you about your game, your story, and your aspirations.

Why work with us?

We've found that there are two main barriers of entry for developers in reaching a physical release: 

1) The nightmarish prospect of financial loss on investment.

2) The work required for the design, manufacture, storage, marketing, selling, and shipping of your product.

Our sincere wish is to make physical releases into a more easily obtained reality for small developer studios, and therefore we take over the burden of all these production tasks as well as the financial risk. Naturally, you can choose to design your own packaging, cover art, etc., or you we can design it for you. This leaves you with no risk, a high chance of return, and more time to concentrate on your game's development (or future projects).

If our offer has managed to entice you, then please send an email our way to to get the ball rolling!